Gerald J Joseph

Your Nutrition

The Gerald J. Joseph nutrition program is a fusion between the Mediterranean diet and a Plant-Based diet. The Mediterranean diet has been associated with greater longevity in epidemiological studies and includes a high consumption of vegetables, olive oil and moderate consumption of protein.

A Plant-Based diet increases consumption of nutrient-dense organic plant foods such as vegetables, legumes, root vegetables, bulbs, nuts & seeds and is generally lower in fat. By combining these two diets, I’ve brought the very best parts of the evidence-based science from each diet to create an evolutionarily beneficial nutrition program.

The Gerald J. Joseph nutrition program harkens back to a more primitive diet and exercise plan, one that coincides with how humans and food evolved together. In the early days of man they were hunter-gatherers, searching the bushes for the ripest berries, taking down an animal for fresh meat, diving in the sea and using the rivers for food.

Most of the time we were eating plants though, since hunting wasn’t always successful. This plant-heavy diet of prebiotic fiber made our ancient genome thrive; therefore my nutrition program includes a Plant-Based diet. Furthermore, the Mediterranean diet has proved to be an extremely healthy eating plan for centuries. There are populations along the Mediterranean such as on Sardinia Italy whose population often lives to 100! They have been eating the right evolutionary foods, and for that reason I fused the Plant-Based diet with the Mediterranean diet, to create the most evolutionary-beneficial diet for the modern human.

The body is an ecosystem where every system is intrinsically connected. Which means if a person develops one chronic illness, it’s likely that this will cascade into other chronic illnesses; when one systems is damaged, it will impact the ability of other systems to do their job. One major system damaged by the modern Western American diet is the gastrointestinal track, which has lead to the rise in chronic illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, and type-II diabetes.

Contrary to the modern Western American diet, my nutrition philosophy centers on a mutualistic co-evolutionary diet plan, which is designed to improve the gastrointestinal track by reducing gastrointestinal inflammation. By reversing improper bacterial ratios and maintaining a balanced GI microbiome we can create a positive health outcome.

How do we reverse years of misguided eating? Through an organic whole food diet that is primarily plant-based. I encourage consuming organic plant-based foods in their whole form -- especially organic certified, GMO-free vegetables, whole fruits, legumes, root vegetables, bulbs, nuts and seeds. This aspect of the health paradigm is fundamental to increasing vitamin and mineral absorption as well as increasing the amount of these nutrients actually ingested, all of which will help heal the GI track.

As part of my nutritional program, I teach you how to shop and prepare great organic meals breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Each meal is nutritionally designed to contain the optimal amount of plant-based protein, hydrating fresh produce and nutrient-dense super-foods to help balance, restore and heal your body, so you can look and feel your absolute best.

My clients report results ranging from the physical (boosted metabolism, balanced hormones, flatter tummy, clearer, brighter skin) to the mental (increased energy, better focus, banished cravings) to the spiritual (peace and comfort in knowing that you are being taken care of).