Gerald J Joseph

Gerald J. Joseph B.S., M.Ed.
Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science and Public Health from San Diego State University
Master of Education degree from Grand Canyon University
Post Graduate degree in Linguistics from Sonoma State University

Gerald J. Joseph is currently the Director of Wellness for iCorHealth, whose command center is located within Nichols Children’s Hospital. He is working on developing nutrition & exercise strategies for patient populations who want to improve health rapidly from chronic diseases syndromes such as heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain and obesity.

With more than two decades of pioneering work in nutrition, Gerald J. Joseph has long been at the forefront of innovations in whole body health and wellness. Throughout his career his emphasis has been on cutting-edge wellness services and developing advanced nutrition & exercise programs for the health care industry based on the central premise that chronic diseases are preventable.


Gerald J. Joseph researches the co-evolutionary connections between man, plants, and sustainable agriculture to create a wellness program that will prevent chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and childhood obesity. He has done extensive research on the changes industrialization has brought to diet and hopes to reverse the damage done by the spread of misguided nutritional programs.

It’s about understanding molecular science and the consumption of intelligent food sources that our bodies evolved with in contrast to modern processed altered food sources, which disrupt biochemical information and lacks important nutrients to improve health outcomes. The future of wellness is prevention, which is the cornerstone of Gerald’s wellness recommendations.

Gerald J. Joseph offers a comprehensive nutrition & exercise program, which includes medical & nutrition assessment, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, lifestyle coaching strategies, and individualized organic plant-based products to improve health outcomes.

The Gerald J. Joseph business model is medically supervised and is associated with American College of Sports Medicine, United States Department of Agriculture and Clinical Nutrition.

Gerald has been expertly trained to evaluate patients and to develop lifestyle plans to improve heart health and quality of life through behavior modification and evidence-based nutrition. His mission is to empower you to make simple lifestyle changes that will improve your health rapidly.